16th August 2017

Gallery Guichard sculpture garden

When I arrived for the dedication for Gallery Guichard's latest project - an adjoining sculpture garden - I was disappointed to find that the event had been cancelled, and rescheduled for the coming weekend, when I will be away. The city is leasing the vacant plot for $1 to Gallery Guichard's partner, the Purpose Foundation, for 5 years. The garden features work by local artists; most notably, a large solar pyramid by South Side artist Olusola 'Shala' Akintunde.

The pyramid will feature Bronzeville-themed hieroglyphs by local schoolchildren when finished, and a night-time light display. I found it a bit odd that PV cells adorn even the north side of the pyramid, which won't receive any sunshine - but I suppose I was being too literal, and the aesthetic justification was deemed sufficient. The perimeter fence was designed by two landscape architecture students at IIT.

Current state of the pyramid on the evening of Wednesday 16th August.

Edit (18th August 2017): photo of the finished installation sent to me by my collaborator at IIT, Ron Henderson.