5-16th December 2017

Other interviews

I have interviewed several stakeholders ranging from government officials to local residents in the past month, regarding the future of vacant land in Bronzeville and on the South Side. Here is a list of those interviewed.

Paul Krysik, incubator coordinator at Legends South urban farm (Windy City Harvest)
5th December 2017

William Lawrence Scott, III, and Wateka Kleinpeter, residents of the Rosenwald Courts apartments, Bronzeville
11th December 2017 -- photo above

Kathleen Dickhut, deputy commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development
12th December 2017

Michael Lange, senior project manager at the Chicago Park District
12th December 2017

Caroline O'Boyle, director of programs and partnerships at the Trust for Public Land
13th December 2017

Keith Myles, security officer at CHA public housing project adjoining study site
14th December 2017

Aldo Burcheri and Kelly Murphy, associates at Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects
15th December 2017

Danielle Kizaire and Charles Sutton, founders of Bronzeville Urban Development (B.U.D.)
16th December 2017